Veterinary Design

Metzger Design believes our unique experiences in architecture, construction, development, project management and graphic design enable us to deliver a powerful combination of services that have become a proven success in the early stages of getting your veterinary practice off the ground. Our team specializes is designing an extremely efficient work environment with an emphasis on functionality and comfort for patients, clients and staff. Once the design stage is completed we are then able provide first class construction services that include everything from shell construction, interior fit-out, and equipment installation. Metzger Design understands that as with any new endeavor, the apprehension one feels can often be overwhelming. It’s re-assuring to know the team you have assembled to make your dreams come true has the experience and where with all to get the job done.

Metzger Design is particularly mindful that small business startups have strict budgets to adhere to and specific schedules to meet. Because of our ability to bundle our wide range of services together our clients are able to afford luxuries they may have thought impossible.

Metzger Design has provided design and/or construction services to the following businesses:

Lorton Veterinary Clinic - Lorton, VA

River City Veterinary Clinic - Richmond, VA

Middle Plantation Animal Hospital - Williamsburg, VA

Glen Allen Animal Hospital - Glen Allen, VA

Crossroads Animal Hospital - Gordonsville, VA

Purrs, Paws and Exotics Animal Hospital - Alexandria, VA